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Teched Developer 2007: Day 5

09u: Microsoft Visual Basic: Tips and Tricks for the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 IDE by Jay Schmelzer

Visual Basic is still my favorite .Net language, so I'm happy to see some improvements for it in the Visual Studio 2008.  This are the most important ones:

  • Just as any .Net language in the .Net 3.5 framework, you are able to use multi-targeting.  This means that you can create a project for the 2.0 version and can update it later to 3.5
  • There is direct intellisense for Visual Basic now.  When you start typing, the intellisense window appears immediately.
  • When creating a property, you just type the word property, press the TAB twice and the entire structure for the property appears.  If you press enter, the green borders in the structure disappear.
  • You are able to fill in all the properties of an object directly, even if you only have an empty constructor.  This is the code you use for it: new Class with {.PropertyName = "Value", .PropertyName2 = "Value2"}
  • If you use a class of which the namespace isn't imported, you get a warning and can import it just the way you do it in C#.
  • You can use XML literals, and there is also full LINQ support.  See my post about LINQ earlier this week.
  • It is possible to declare a variable without a datatype.  Visual Basic will automatically use the ( in his option ) best datatype for it.
  • If you see the intellisense window and press the Ctrl key, the window will become transparent.  This also works for C#.
  • You can change your debug windows using the DebuggerDisplay attribute.
  • There is a lot of support for WCF.


This is the end... my friend

Teched 2007 is over for me.  It gave me inspiration for some tutorials I like to do in the near future:

  • Create a silverlight application that consumes a web service
  • Create a WPF application that uses the 3D graphics
  • Create a WPF application that uses data binding in combination with LINQ
  • Create an interface in Fireworks and export it to XAML
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